Web-based Employee Health and Wellness Platform


Web app development, UI/UX design




UI/UX design, web app, admin dashboard
Web-based Employee Health and Wellness Platform

Project Overview

MindWorks approached us to develop their employee wellness and health platform.

They required a sleek and easy-to-use portal for the employees (clients) and a portal for the therapists to manage their clients.

They provided a rough overview of what they required - and we took things from there to deliver the finished product.


Our lead web app designer took on the role of designing MindWorks' user interface which was completed after a few weeks and a couple rounds of revisions.

The user interface design was extremely important to this web app in order to make it easy to use for the employees.

Our highly-skilled development team then started to work on building the web app.

As with all our projects, we provide frequent updates to our client, so you're up to date with how your project is progressing.

Overview - performance graph, the most recent goal and their next session with the company therapist
Weekly questions - employees answer questions weekly covering all aspects of their life: health, social, work and family
Performance - employees can view their performance over time on simple graphs which break down the health, social, work and family categories
Goals - employees can add goals and mark them as completed
Session notes - employees can add notes for their therapist can view, and the therapist can add notes for the employees
Employee portal login - a friendly welcome to the platform


Our client was extremely pleased with the finished product. We have been working with our client on regular updates and new exciting features since the initial launch.

“Clients love the design and usability of our platform. Feedback is that it's very easy to use even for the most illiterate.” - Ben Duffy, MindWorks CEO

MindWorks' core focus is serving companies and their employees' success. Due to their success, they have branched out to serving schools as well within the same platform, which we are extremely glad to see. Our clients' success is our success.

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