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Search and Book Workspaces and Meeting Rooms - Mobile App

Project Overview

Narau, an early stage startup, approached us to develop their workspace and meeting room booking mobile app.

They required an easy to use search feature to find nearby available spaces, automatically quote the customer based on their requirements, in-app payments and a built in instant messaging feature for customers to communicate with the workspace hosts.

They also required the ability for workspace and meeting room companies to list their spaces for customers to book.

Further down the line, we implemented employee logins with expenditure limits, so companies can allow their work-from-home employees to work elsewhere and have a change of scenery.


We worked with Narau to create a specification of features. Following that, we started the design process of the app.

Once the design was completed, our highly-skilled development team started developing the mobile app.

Narau app (1/2)
Narau app (2/2)


Narau were extremely impressed with the finished product, here's what they had to say:

“The fact that they were able to take our project and come up with solutions that we never would have thought of is very impressive. It sounds odd but they didn’t just do exactly what we said; they suggest things and develop their own ideas, which has made a much better concept.” - Daniel Murray, Narau CEO

Since the initial launch, we have worked with them on many new updates.

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