Bespoke Booking and Scheduling App, Website and Phone System


Mobile app, web, phone, UI/UX design


Android, iOS, Web, Phone


Mobile app, website, phone system
Bespoke Booking and Scheduling App, Website and Phone System

Project Overview

Mikvah approached us looking to develop a new scheduling and booking system for their users.

Their current system was outdated, and was lacking key features they required to help manage their organisation.

They also were looking to provide a mobile app and website for their users to book, as previously users were only able to book over the phone.


We started designing the app with simplicity in mind - the design process was completed after 4-5 weeks.

Our highly-skilled development team then started to develop the mobile app, web app and phone system - along with an admin panel to manage it all.

Implementing Apple Pay allows users to complete a booking on the mobile app in under 60 seconds, which they could have never done before.
Mikvah app
Mikvah web app


Our client was extremely impressed with the finished product and their users are now able to book appointments much more easily.

"They are brilliant listeners — they’ve really understood the scope of work and possibly even better than ourselves. They don’t just look over the brief and proceed to work, but they also patiently develop what’s needed by discussing everything with us like an architect." - Leslie Bamberger, Founder

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